How do I use my Enviro Washball?

It is a breeze.

  1. Place one or two Enviro Washballs, depending on the size of your load, in the washing machine with your clothes (see next question).
  2. Select the correct cycle, always following garment manufacturer’s instructions.
  3. Start your wash.*
  4. Keep the Enviro washballs in your machine for the entire wash.
  5. When finished, remove your laundry.
  6. Place Enviro Washballs in a well-ventilated area to air.
  7. Dry in sun monthly for a few hours to preserve long-lasting performance.

*Enviro Washballs do not leave soap residue like other laundry wash products, so you do not need to use the rinse cycle. This saves energy and reduces the amount of time needed to do laundry.

Enviro Washballs are great for travelling. They take up much less room than laundry soap and fabric softener.

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