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Saves money and energy

  • lasts for 1,000 washes or up to 3 years
  • only 5 cents per wash
  • no more need for expensive laundry soaps and fabric softeners
  • uses less water and electricity (no rinse cycle needed for regular loads)
  • less wear and tear on washing machine and pipes (no corrosion; reduces scale, rust and lime build up)
  • clothes last longer (no residue left on fabric; no fading; no breakdown
    of fabric)

Saves time

  • laundry finishes faster
  • no more measuring, pouring, cleaning messy spills
  • no more travel time to buy detergents and softeners

Other benefits

  • environmentally safe
  • does not pollute grey water (great for gardens in times of drought)
  • does not contaminate soil or our waterways
  • safe for sensitive skin and skin complaints such as eczema and psoriasis (no residues like enzymes left on washing)


  • place Enviro Washball  in machine on top of laundry (good for all fabrics, including woollens and delicates)
  • set cycle, always following garment manufacturer’s instructions
  • wash as normal in cold water  (no need to use rinse cycle for regular loads) NOTE the life of the ball will be shortened if washing in warm or hot water
  • when finished, remove laundry
  • place Enviro Washball in well-ventilated area
  • dry in sun monthly for a few hours to preserve long-lasting performance.

Use 1 Enviro Washball for normal loads up to 5kg.

Use 2 Enviro Washballs for loads more than 5kg.


See faqs for more instructions, including for hand washing and heavily soiled laundry.


Enviro Washballs are recyclable plastic balls containing small ceramic stones (no detergents/chemicals/bleaching agents).

The stones raise the pH level of the water. This softens the water and opens the weave of the fabric. Water moves through more easily and effectively, removing dirt naturally.

Independently tested with excellent results by Lanfax Labs, Australia.

Contains no substances that are detrimental to health according to EU Guidelines 67/548/EWG

Non-hazardous according to EU Guidelines 88/379/EWG

Detailed in Material Safety Data Sheet, issued May 2008

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