I really like this ball and enjoy the lack of soap scum.
Hazel, ACT

I wanted to congratulate you on a great product. I’ve been using the Enviroball for just over six weeks now and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Because of the drought I’ve been recycling my grey-water to the garden but have found that the detergent was affecting my plants even though I’ve tried almost every brand on the market. Even more important is that I’ve found the Enviroball does a great job on my washing. Of course, with bad stains, I still have to use a pre-soaker, but I had to use that before with the detergents. Well done.
Resident, Tuggeranong ACT

My husband purchased an Enviroball for me before Christmas which I have just started using and am very impressed with it. As I have a 7kg washing machine I need to buy another ball as the majority of my washes are full loads.
Chris, ACT

I love your products, as I currently suffer from Fibromyalgia and have been telling family and friends about your product.
Jane, Point Cook, Victoria

Received the EnviroWashball on Friday—thank you. Have done about 6 loads of washing already and am very impressed. We are on tank water and recycle or washing water to the toilet and to water our plants so not using washing detergent should be good all round
Sally, Newbridge ,NSW

I have been using my new washing balls and so pleased they are fab can you tell me are they alright to use on delicate fabric or does the rough balls damage the fabric Many thanks a very happy customer I am recommending them to all my friends.
Helen Clarke, Milperra NSW

I bought an EnviroWashball for my sister for Christmas. She has an environmentally friendly garden and is thrilled she can recycle all her washing water now. I'm buying one for my mother in law for Mother’s Day.
Julie, Yarranbella, NSW

Just wanted to say how wonderful I think Enviroballs are. I am a convert and have been telling all my friends about it. It gets all our clothes clean (my husband's shirts and bike tops even pass the sniff test!), is cheaper, is more environmental, saves water as I don't need a second rinse. And I can use all the greywater safely on my garden as there's no soap residue. Well done and I'll keep spreading the word.
Jan, Tecoma, Victoria

I am really pleased with your Enviroballs for the washing machine and dryer. I am happy with the results. I think that the products you are retailing are a great initiative which I fully support and recommend to friends & family

Your products are amazing. We bought a Washball six months ago and have used it on average twice a day in our front loader. We are really pleased with the results. Later this year we are travelling overseas and will pack the ball in our backpack - easier than buying soap powder. Went out this morning and bought a ball as a gift for Mum so she no longer has to lug around laundry liquid. I bought myself the dryer balls and stain stick. Great products. Thanks.

Thanks for your advice with my daughter's uniform, I soaked the dresses overnight and then washed them today and the lingering smell has gone.  You have created a fantastic product and I will be recommending it to everyone. Thanks again

I have an Enviroball and it works well,the stain stick is fantastic.
Jacqui, SA

I have been using a washball since February 2009 and love it, I have also purchased others for family.


I kept the receipt when I bought the enivroball today from Magnet Mart as I could not believe it would work - but it does! Great product!
Paula, Canberra ACT

I have just done my first load with the Enviro Washball. How impressed I was with the cleanness of our clothes. The no smell of washing powder in the clothes and the feel of the fabric was mind blowing. This should be promoted better.
Leanne, Canberra ACT

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